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'G' as in 'GIF


Don't worry, I've still got my head. And it's full of ideas


What I do

Stand-up comedy

I perform in both Dutch and English. You might have seen me at Comedy Café, Comedyhuis, Boom Chicago Comedy Festival or the Edinburgh Fringe, for example.


I love to write jokes and short stories. 

Screenwriting is a form of storytelling I'm also passionate about. I currently study screenwriting at the Scenariovakschool.


I present and moderate live events. A debate between Second Chamber canditates, the Dutch CES 2021 Kick-off or Startup in Residence Demoday, to name a few.


I've taken several acting courses and workshops, including theater acting, camera acting and improv.

Funny Women

Me at work


Who is
   Gillian Graven?

I'm one of the few people who gets this question. One of two, to be exact - apparently there is a nurse somewhere in the USA with the same name. But if you ask me, I'm a Dutch/Scottish/Irish redhead who lives in the Netherlands with my dog Albert. I'm a storyteller who loves to make people laugh, connect with people and use my imagination! I'm currently studying screenwriting at the Scenariovakschool.


I'm fascinated by human behaviour and emotions, which is why I studied BSc neuroscience, social psychology and MSc leadership & change management.

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